Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hunt Vendor List!

1. Touch of Sun
Hint: wwwwweeeeeeee escalators are fun
2. Clover
Hint: These boots are made for walking!
3. Sassy Designs
Hint: Up, up and away by the waters that meet
4. Sweet Temptation
Hint: Over the bridge and thru the woods. (also in a red and yellow leaf)
5. Vamp Equip
Hint: Every Master Vamp should have one of these...Spikes or Torches?? Which will it be?
6. Embyr's Inferno
7. Sweetys Blue Heart <3
8. OuterWorld Landscape Photos
Hint: Follow the boat through Emerald Bay
9. Earth Jewel
Hint: A view by the sea
10. Dusty Attic
Hint: Ok, it's a little dusty up here but she wanted to wear the latest in fall fashion.
11. Sugar & Spice
12. ::Tattitude::
Hint: Hunt high and Low
13. DragonLady Designs
Hint: Look under the desk, or rather, behind and under the desk! Easy!
14. Belle's Wedding Furniture, Swags & Flower Store
Hint: It rests above the glow of a globe.
15. Splendilicious Skins and Shapes
Hint: Admire the statuary...she's a little shy, that's all
16. Luxurious World
Hint: Take the stairs and be sure to open your EYES!
17. Belle's Happy Birthday, Rez Day, Party & Seasonal Store
Hint: You can have your cake...and hunt prize too:)
18. Emi'z Custom Tatz
Hint: Go and sit in the corner!
19. Pms Designs
20. Zomelia Designs
21. Siopa
Hint: Take the weight off your bones...
Hint: Take a seat it looks better
23. Quality
Hint: Feeling lucky?
24. Aster's Bults, Wedding Invite and Givers
Hint: Find the correct store look around the roses and you will find the gift
25. ClingerZ!
Hint: Go out and get some air
26. Souless Productions (The Store)
Hint: Your impending demise lies just inches from your prize.
27. LUXus
28. J-Taste
Hint: Orange on orange, sit and admire.
29. The Caproni Style
Hint: Leaves are attracted to other leaves
Look around its nearby
Hint: Turn on the lights...don't walk in the dark
31. Forgotten Earth Design
Hint: I beleaf in signs.
32. Tree House Treasures
Hint: You will have to FALL to find this leaf!
33. SteamBound
Hint: Works of Art
34. ~Simply~
Hint: Watch your paws
35. Sewriginal Fabrics
Hint: Somewhere in the "packs" of fabric, it's there!!
36. Audri's Fashions
Hint: Sit down, relax, and shop!!
37. Good Vibes Flea Market
Hint: I "Wish" I could help you here
38. Cosmos Lounge
Hint: Have a drink on us
39. The Colony Shopping Center & Apartment Living
Hint: It's easy to teleport to the other parts of the sim
40. Good Vibes Cafe & 7Seas Fishing
Hint: Try not to flush yourself away
41. Beck Bars Neon
Hint: Look for the room with the neons and see there the canadian leaf
42. DivaLicious
43. Jeanne'Store
Hint: It is time to feed the Swan
44. #Before Sleep#
Hint: It's a little fishy
45. Lacie Dayz
Hint: A leaf is a part of a plant, right?
46. Forest Lake Fairytale Mall
Hint: If you feel like they are falling down...The suspenders will hold them up
47. Tuh Leah Decor
Hint: You never know what you'll find in my basement, be verrrry quiet though, you don't want to wake up the "residents."
48. Dark Water Designs
Hint: What goes up, might "FALL" down
49. Jade's Designs
Hint: Leaves like to fall on shelves, maybe looking up will help
50. [Not Without You]
51. Earthy Delights Yard Sale
Hint: Clutching at a rainbow of fun
52. Another World
Hint: There's something about Maria
53. Essential Soul Studio N Poses
54. Wicked Fashions
55. Calia's
Hint: There are purple flowers
57. Alexohol Fashions
Hint: Sit round the couch!
58. Second Look Art and Photo Studio (SLAPS)
Hint: I know it's around here somewhere....did you check the garbage??
59. Lemania Indigo & lestat Reuven
60. Boootiful Creations
Hint: Fall is right around the "corner"....soon leaves will change color and fall but some are still "green"
61. PRIMciples of Design
62. Ema's
Hint: You feel toasty warm when sitting near this
63. *Fairy Pears* design
Hint: Follow the leafs....enjoy the quiet moments near the Unicorns
64. Ultratequ
Hint: Can't find the leaf? Use your ears, not your eyes.
65. FoxEarth Studios UK Ltd
67. Bleeding Rose Designs
68. Bleeding Rose Chicken Farm & Pound
Hint: Searching for this leaf is more fun then a barrel of monkeys
69. Hope Creations
70. Garden Oasis
Hint: Follow the sound of the Windchimes (not the obvious ones)
71. Seasonal Creations by MamaP
Hint: The fireplace will keep you warm as Fall approaches
72. [KUE!]
Hint: Follow the leaf trail and look for the blue snail
73. .:FM Designs:.
Hint: Follow the path and sit among the roses
74. Xanthus' Emporium
Hint: I know your feet are weary after all that walking and hunting. Come in. Sit down. Put your feet up and relax. Enjoy the store and I am sure you will find what you seek... Good luck fellow hunters.
75. Michigans Shack
76. Fire GOOD!!!!
Hint: Very easy to find...wanna fight about it?
77. Chaos by Design
Hint: It's not a fig leaf but it works for this cat lover
78. Ruth's Creations
Hint: I can hear the birds and crickets from here
79. Koatic Designs
80. RJM Fashions
Hint: Take your time and Look around, Upstairs, Downtstairs, a leaf falls down.
It lands in just the right place I feel at home now.

81. Turing Isle Dog Park
Hint: Ask the bear to show you where
82. Sterling Artistry
Hint: Mmmmm....cookies!
83. MollyWorld Transport Housing
Hint: Choo - Choo! All aboard!
84. .:PdC:. PDCreations
Hint: Don't trip over it, on your way in!!
85. Picture Your World
Hint: Looking out on the world
86. Cutie Bootie Gestures
Hint: Check under the tables for the stray leaf :)
87. D.H. Customs Mainstore
Hint: Beyond the place of limitless groups, you will find what the wind has hidden.
88. Photography Studio Supplies
Hint: Coccon's have leaves
89. Qadira's Designs
90. KOodOles KiDz
Hint: Pink Black and Purple what pretty colors eeny meeny miney mo
I wonder if all those shoes come with those

91. Holiday Bliss
92. Mickeys "R" Us
93. T. Fangs Village
Hint: We'll Have a barrel of fun
94. The Tiny Gallery
95. Roawenwood
96. LL Designs
Hint: New Dresses are all the rage---Look around You might find one on a page
97. Agent Orange
Hint: Kick back, watch some tv and relax.
98. Simply Shelby
99. Pinnacle
100. Divine Decadents Clothing Company
Hint: Frosting is sweeter in the fall!
101. Broken Kitty
Hint: Doesn't this leaf look a little out of place?
102. Serenity
Hint: Finding this leaf has me puzzled.
103. Hearth & Home
Hint: Golden fireplaces made with gold leaf are great places to hide a golden leaf!
104. AR Designs
Hint: Make sure all of your things are put away
105. Shelley's Shop
Hint: I'm where I should be in the Fall.
106. Viobia Lakeside
107. SkinSane
Hint: Oh my, that is about the weirdest cleavage I've ever seen! ;)
108. sfx Designs
109. Catalyst of Fantasy
Hint: Who says an ant can't move a rubber tree plant?
110. Steampunked Neko
111. Apple Blossom Kids
112. AC Designs
Hint: The stage, relax and read a book!
113. Clever Endeavors
Hint: To and fro and up and down
You've gone from here to there.
When all you really need to do,
Is simply stop and stair.
114. ~LilyPads~
Hint: I'm not bad, I just like to hang out in corners and look down on the situation.
115. Patchlets
116. Patchworks
117. Studio Nails
Hint: Revolutionary Nail HUD
118. Bethany's Boutique
119. Siren's Song
120. Teagan's
121. Teagan's & Scorpy's
122. Tweedle
Hint: Mirror Mirror, whos the fairest of the fall?
123. .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:.
Hint: It's CAMOuflaged >.>
124. Over Cie's
Hint: Follow the sound of the birds
125. Lacerate
Hint: With proper time, you'll see there is more to one of the vines.
126. dStinct designs
127. K & B Designs
Hint: In your dreams
128. *~*HopScotch*~*
Hint: A blossom breeze took the leaf with it.
129. Smashin Fashion
130. Park Place Home Decor
Hint: A lonely leaf fell. Beside the STREAM. And holds the gift for you.
131. AllyCat Designs
132. Home Expo
Hint: If you get greedy you will get lucky
133. ~Houses for You~
Hint: Wake up and smell the roses
134. Cherry Moon
Hint: Blue rabbit... join our group
135. Crush My Hopes, Ltd
136. Freya's Finest Jewels
137. Enzo's Freehold
Hint: Modesty forbids me to tell you where I hid the leaf, but Eve knows and Adam likes it.
138. Cluck A Lot
139. D&V Creations
Hint: You will find this leaf in nature where it belongs
140. Dawnie's
Hint: Sit back, put your feet up and relax
141. Young at Heart Designs
142. Marvela's Dress Shop & Mens Clothing
Hint: I love Cotton Candy
143. Dianna's Revenge
144. Icarus Home and Lighting
145. Galleries Mall
Hint: You will find it floating on crystalline and something refreshing
146. MJ'a Shoppe
147. Euphoria
148. Footsies
149. Nirriti's Shop
150. Down to Earth
151. Pestique Furniture
Hint: Take a Leaf out of this Book
152. 13th Floor Creations
Hint: Sit and dine
and you shall find
the final key
that sets you free.